First Class Coatings Warranty

You are purchasing an Integrity coating system installed by our certified installers. This warranty will be covered for the period expressed in your contract. Your coating installation has been proven and tested to last much further than a period of 15 years with limited maintenance.


All workmanship shall be preformed to professional and standard practices.

Our warranty covers peeling and delaminating on installations of interior coatings surfaces only. Interior surfaces pertaining to the areas that do not have direct sun light or have direct sun exposure. Exterior surfaces carry a 2 year warranty.

Warranty constitutes – free of charge from the signing contract date for a period specified with-in the contract. Warranty covers de-lamination of the coating under normal wear and tear conditions, peeling and lifting of the coating. Unless outlined in your contract, First class coatings will repair any qualifying floor damage free of charge. Some exclusions include: Battery acid and brake fluid spills will not be covered under warranty. Welding as well as the usage of fire related products will not be covered. Movement of heavy furniture or other related products that scratch the floor will not be covered. . Discoloration or ambering of the coatings are not covered under the warranty. Tire burn or discoloration from plasticizers in tires leaching into the coating will be excluded. FCC.. will not be responsible for garage door operation, motors, tracks, entry/exit doors and problems relating to mechanical operation. There will be an odor associated with our coating techniques, FCC. will not be responsible if one cannot tolerate or accept the odor and no compensation will result should you not be able to stay/work in the coating environment. A non-skid additive to the coating shall be requested by the consumer in order to help enhance footing.

Deficient Concrete (concrete that breaks apart) and exhibits reduced integrity. Sub- surface contamination including oil, silicone or related products that cause the coatings to lift, or delaminate may not be covered. FCC. Cannot be held responsible for moisture/moisture barrier problems, Hydrostatic pressure or out gassing of the cement through the coating. It is not our responsibility under any circumstance that vapor /moisture/pressure result to the damage floor system.*** Should out-gassing of the floor or hydrothermal, hydrostatic, osmotic pressure become evident on and in the floor, FCC. Will not be held responsible in any capacity. This situation is not advisable prior to coating. FCC. cannot be held responsible for solvent pop/moisture/moisture barrier problems, or out gassing of the cement through the coating. Should there be two or more different pours of concrete, FCC. Can not be held responsible for the non-uniformity of the coating.

Should you experience a problem with the coating installation. Please contact us and let us know what may be the problem your experiencing so we can make any repairs in a timely fashion.

When you want the job done right the First time, on time, you will be happy you called us first.



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