Things to Consider in Making Your Contractor Selection

Choosing the right Contractor

Not all companies are practicing the same ethics in the application of floor coatings.

For me, it is an easy answer. I, Eric Marks, The owner of First Class Coatings Inc. offer more than 28 years of experience in residential, commercial and Industrial coatings and painting. I don’t just manage jobs, I oversee most every project that we complete and have very stringent demands on the quality of our installations. I expect my staff to install the Finest floor coatings installations in the market. When we see things that we do not like, that most other companies would leave behind in the installation, we will make every effort no matter how much longer it will take, to make the job as “Show Room Perfect as we can”.

We practice and perfect our trade of installing beautiful garage floors and are so confident that you will not find a better looking install at any price close, we guarantee it.



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