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Do you have an Existing Coating that is Fully Intact / Peeling / or Shows Hot-Tire Pick -up?
A coating removal is best suited when the floor is peeling or has an inferior existing coating that is lifting or coming apart. (Removal is Recommended for a Full Warranty and Proper Adhesion)

Otherwise - Consider the full chip floor and avoid a prime coat.

(For 80 percent chip floor systems) After a coating removal , it is recommended to install an additional primer coat to help level and fill in porous concrete. This can be added into the cost at an additional price of .90 cents a sq ft average cost, depending on the concrete condition.

Residential Garage Floor Coatings include:
Standard concrete surface preparation. This includes industrial diamond grinding using clean air return, Osha certified hepa vacuums, Tool Joints caulked, Stem walls caulked in, cracks repairs with epoxy patch filler. Stem walls can be coated as long as they are measured in the total garage sq ft. Masking and taping baseboards and similar surfaces to aid in straight-clean lines.

This is the highest quality, most thorough concrete prep available.

Please Provide a Tentative Install Start Date (Mon - Thurs w/completion dates running through Friday)
Saturday and Sunday - Installations only on special request, and may have an additional cost.
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