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Thank you for taking the time to look through some of our beautiful show room Epoxy / Urethane and specialty coatings.

Many of our inquiries are based on garage floors and warehouse flooring options. It has been brought to our attention that many consumers are not aware that coatings can be installed on driveways front and back patios and side walk surfacesThe most common flooring selected for these surfaces are the solid color epoxy / urethane floor coatings. There are many different colors available to select from. These systems include a non-skid footing additive so that when the surface becomes wet, there will still be traction.

Another popular floor coating option is the decorative granite epoxy urethane floor coating. These are similar to the garage floor coatings that you see, yet they are engineered for outdoor sun light protection. These coatings can be formulated in heavy chip, and light chip configurations as well as smaller and larger decorative chip selections.

Another consideration is to apply a concrete overlay to the existing cement. These systems are good alternatives when the condition of the concrete is in average to poor conditions, however, they can easily be applied to excellent condition concrete as well. This is a polymer modified concrete coating that is applied by hand trawl or squeegee and decoratively colored to your likings. The overlay installations can include texturing to aid in footing. These systems are sealed with a ultra violet protecting solvent based sealer in fortifying a wet look.


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