Since 2015 - Polyaspartic is a fast drying ultra high solids topcoat flooring product designed for use over concrete floor coatings and a wide range of other decorative concrete floor coatings and concrete floor coating applications.

Relatively new on the industrial coatings scene is polyaspartic technology, a hybrid coating similar to polyurethanes. Innovations in the technology have made these coatings a more versatile option compared to epoxy and urethane coating systems. Applying polyaspartics in a single coat accomplishes what traditional epoxy and urethane systems need two coats to do. The technology has come a long way as early polyaspartic formulations had low adhesion values. Well-known system failures have been blamed on this lack of adhesion promoters in early polyaspartic technology.

Polyurethanes are softer, more flexible and offer better color and gloss retention. They perform well as structural protection, are more versatile in terms of protecting assets in harsh weather conditions and offer better impact resistance than epoxy and urethane coatings. For example, tanks, exterior pipes, barges or exterior concrete are better protected with polyurethane coatings.

Polyaspartic technology breaks from traditional polyurethanes because polyaspartic esters can be manipulated to suit varying applications. Manipulating the esters allows for controlled drying times and extends pot-life. Where epoxy and urethane coatings require much longer curing times, polyaspartic coatings cure much more quickly. That limits lag time, allowing assets to be put back to use more quickly. Polyaspartic coatings also can be formulated for application and curing at temperatures well below freezing.

Polyaspartic technology eliminates a step in the coating process compared to epoxy and urethane combinations, saving labor and material costs and shortening project timelines.

Because lower- and zero-VOC coatings can be achieved with polyaspartic technology, it’s safer to apply in confined spaces.

Bayer Material Science has developed a new polyaspartic urethane coatings technology that could help coatings specifiers shift from two-coat to one-coat solutions in order to reduce complexity and improve productivity. 

One-coat formulations are commonly used in the oil and gas market to increase productivity, decrease down time and reduce waste and inspection.

Bayer’s one-coating tech’s performance was compared against a two-coat epoxy/polyurethane control, and the results have been a revelation by themselves.

“One-coat polyaspartic urethane formulations used in this study showed rapid dry times while maintaining equivalent-to-better performance when compared with traditional epoxy/polyurethane two-coat systems.

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Some major features include:

1) 0-VOC

Some polyaspartic coatings are 0 VOC, exceeding compliance requirements in the U.S. and Canada.

2) Virtually No Odor

Polyaspartic coatings have significantly less odor than  urethane coatings odor. They can be applied with minimal disruption and discomfort—even while facilities are in use!

3) All Season Installation

Same-day application and return to service possible during all seasons.

4) Minimal to Non-Yellowing Formulation

These products are as good or better than any formulation to uv stability and color retention. There may be no such thing as no yellowing or fading in direct sunlight, or uv wear, however, Colors will at most, minimally  fade or gently yellow with exposure due to age or exposure to sunlight or UV lighting.


Install time*One day*1 to 2 days
Return to serviceNext day4-5 days
Additional Expense for product useYESNO
High build thickness in 1 coat per millsYes to 15 millsOnly to 4 mills
OdorVery lowVery High
VOCsVOC freeHigh VOCs
High solid contentYesYes
Application temperaturesAs low as 32° F – (0° C)Above 55° F
Elongation / expands with surface / jointYesYes
Color stabilityUV stableUV stable with UVR
Gloss retentionVery goodVery Good
Chemical resistanceGreatGreat


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