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Metallic Floor Coatings !

Metallic epoxy floor systems are the new technology in decorative flooring. “The looks of an acid stain floor with the durability of epoxy coatings”. This hybrid flooring system can be custom created to have a modeled look being diffused into a non-regular artistic pattern that only you will have. Each floor is created different for a real work of art and will show the “Wow” of what floors can really be. This system is used where a more modern look is desired such as an entertainment room, weight room, restaurant floor, patios virtually any floor system that you want a highly unique look. Some projects we have installed with metallic epoxy coatings Include Churches, Restaurants, residential front entryways and back patios, Insurance agency, Weight training room, and garage floors. However, this system can be installed just about anyplace one can imagine, so just call us and ask.


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