How to Choose the Right Flooring System?


Most homeowners are tired of paying for effort and not achieving results they desire. We are here to change that problem.

We are licensed, bonded, insured.

All applicators on staff have worked with the same company and offer 7 – 16 plus years of team experience. Each and every job performed is a custom installation, which allows us to provide jobs done to great detail. Our staffs are comprised of English speaking, highly trained installers who have incentives to provide the best work that they can.

You will benefit by a job well done with a proven track record of standing up to the elements in the tough heat of Arizona. Unlike our competition, we have a perfect track record with zero complaints with the registrar of contractors and the Better Business bureau. Your job will not be hurried and will also be completed on-time guaranteed. Should you consider to have a floor coating installation, please consider our company.

First Class Coatings Inc. has been installing epoxy floor systems for over 21 years in AZ.


Benefits in Solid Color Flooring

Less expensive.
Uniform color.
Many color options and custom colors.
Clean and neat appeal.
Much easier to clean then old soiled concrete


When considering a solid color vs. a decorative chip floor. Please consider these few options before making your decision.

One most important point to keep in mind, all coatings will telegraph both good and poor concrete conditions. Solid colors floors will show the most imperfections. The chip floors, also referred to as a simulated granite floor will hide more imperfections then a solid color floor. The floor with the greatest ability to hide floor imperfections will be a “ Full broadcast of decorative chips” broadcasted into a floor. These systems hide the most amount of concrete damage or imperfections and divert from improper leveling as well as camouflage dirt and tire markings making it easier to keep clean.


Benefits in Decorative Chip Flooring

Stronger build system - Most durable.
Shows less dirt.
Shows less tire markings then solid color floors.
Fancier finish.
Adds a natural texture and aids in footing.
Adds more value to the home.
Much easier to clean and maintain then solid color floors

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