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Quartz Flooring System combines multi-colored aggregates permanently broadcasted and layered in a tough clear epoxy or polyaspartic top coat. Quartz seamless floors have universal interior use in institutional, commercial, industrial and residential applications. Quartz floors offer durability, impact resistance, chemical resistance, decorative value and ease of cleaning. These are most common found in food preparation vitamin manufacturing, commercial kitchens, food and beverage industry, pet resorts, hotel kitchens, front entry ways patios and decking and a wide variety of other uses. These floors offer very strong bonding and are very tolerant to abusive surrounds.

Seamless floors include any material such as quarts or decorative granite chip flooring, slurry epoxy, epoxy mortar, trawled epoxy systems that cover all joints in the concrete and are high impact heavy traffic floors.

Quartz Flooring offers a more decorative appearance than solid color floor making it more suitable for a residential shop or garage applications. Commercial applications include Educational facilities, Industrial or Manufacturing facilities, Hospital and Health Care facilities, Kitchens, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical plants, Penal Institutions, Food Processing plants, Bathrooms, Animal Hospitals, Kennels, Retail areas, Office buildings, etc.

The Design of the Quartz Flooring System is a simple and most effective concept.


Tough, durable and seamless / Easy Maintenance
Slip-resistant finish available
Cove base up the walls keep food and water contained
Chemically resistant Industrial Strength

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