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First Class Coatings Inc. takes care of a meriad of interior and exterior treatments for both home and commercial industries..

Pressure washing, stains & varnish, interior/exterior painting, texture and drywall damage repair, industrial painting, general surface preparation. We also specialize in concrete acid floor staining, Kool Deck Coatings as well as Green Low VOE Coatings.


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Acid Stain Concrete Overlay

Concrete acid stain has been around for many years, but has recently been gaining popularity as the most popular way to decorate concrete floors. Whether you want to improve the look of a driveway, patio, store front entry, basement, bathroom, bedroom, or any concrete floor, this type of concrete staining will give beautiful results.

Kool Deck Coatings

First Class Coatings Inc. has over 20 years of experience in installing skid resistant residential/commercial Kool Deck Coatings. We offer many varieties of colors and custom formulations of beautiful Kool Deck coatings for re-coloring worn out - lack of life decks. Kool deck coatings are applied topically to existing kool decks where their color has become faded, stained soiled and demonstrates loss of it’s brilliance in color.

Green Low VOE Coatings

AIRCRAFT HANGAR FLOORS Ultra High Gloss, "mirror like floors" in your show room hangar. That is what you want Right? Demanding clients who treasure their airplanes really want and enjoy – “Our easy to clean, chemical protective floors especially designed for airplane hangars”.


Concrete overlay systems are good alternatives when the condition of the concrete is in average to poor conditions, however, they can easily be applied to excellent condition concrete as well.





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