Concrete Grind and Seal

Concrete Grind and Seal

First Class Coatings

For Commercial and Industrial Properties.

First class coatings Inc, provides concrete floor grinding and sealing in Phoenix Arizona Concrete floor grinding and sealing is a cost-effective solution to diamond concrete polishing. Grind and seal method can be done on any concrete floor that needs a refresh, a new clean look, has a damaged or stained top surface or you need chemical resistant properties to protect your floor from spills, stains and harsh chemicals.

With concrete grind and seal method, you can also choose the finish of the floor and stone (aggregate) exposure of your choice. During grinding process of the concrete floor surface, we can show as little or as much stone as the customer desires. (No guarantees- This will depend on the concrete surface and how much rock was used in the original pour) It all depends on your personal preference and the finish looks that you are after.

Once the concrete floor is ground and smooth, we can finish it with a clear protective sealer that can be a matte, semi-gloss or high gloss.


Places that benefit with Grind and seal applications:

Warehouse, storage, office buildings, medical offices, manufacturing floors, loading docks, aircraft hangars,

machine shops, automotive, food and beverage, restaurants. Larger concrete spaces, Grocery stores, Department stores. (Endless Opportunities)

Commercial businesses can enjoy beautiful floors with deep concrete grinding. When looking into flooring options, professional grinders will expose the stones in the mix.

The owner can opt for certain exposure levels. The concrete grinder will remove the top level of the old concrete to the desired level. Partial exposure can give the floor an attractive salt and pepper look. With other flooring, this would be far more expensive- Similar to a concrete polish.

A deep, full-stone exposure concrete grinding process will beĀ  the most expensive. It involves removing a number of layers 5-20 millimeters of concrete. As compared to other grinding options, the final product reveals more of the stones. Polished deep grinding can make the concrete look like a riverbed.


Please take Note: First class coatings Does Not offer interior Home Concrete Grinding and seal services.. Only commercial and industrial grind and seal inquiries .

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